Hassen is currently with the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST), at the center for intelligent and interactive robotics, access Robot (xR) research team.

Hassen's research interests Include:

  • Terrestrial robot mechanism design and analysis

  • Theoretical kinematics in screw theory and Lie algebra

  • Reconfigurable and modular robots

  • Continuum robot analysis and simulation

  • Robot control and machine learning.

Manipulator with parasitic motion

Parasitic motion free manipulator

3D: model of SprintZ3 (3PRS)

Instantaneous motion polodes of 4bar mechanism

KIST Robotics and innovation advancement timeline

The KIST Robotics Institute is an international leader in the field of robotics research . It is world's top Robotics research center with excessive resources and experienced sharp scientists to cultivate global leaders in robotics research .

Researchers in KIST developed intelligent robots ranging from industrial to humanoid and aerial including MAHRU the humanoid.

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